The Scope and the Future

The hospitality industry is growing at a faster rate than ever envisaged. So high is the confidence in the industry that the only restriction is ambititon. Opportunities are pouring in with exciting careeer, assured job, handsome pay packets, and above all international recognition and job satisfaction. In the fast changing world the hospitality industry has become an ideal place for those having an inborn talent to mingle with people, work with them and serve them.

The hotel sector itself requires a large number of well trained manpower with excellent skill in House keeping, Food and Beverage, Service and production, Marketing, Accounting, Security,Engineering ,Fire Fighting, Public Relation and so on. The opportunities are not only in hotels but in Airline Catreing, Shipping, and Cruise Lines, Industrial Catering , Railways, Fast Food Chains, Tourism Development Corporation, Hospitals, Holiday Resorts and so on. World Tourism

World Tourism

Tourism perhaps is the largest industry in the world today. World tourism is a major money-spinner and it enriches individuals, families, communities and the entire world. Yet another fact of tourism industryis its potential for generation of employment.Over 250 million people around the world are estimated to be employed in this sector alone and the Travekl and Tourism Industry create one job in every two and half seconds. It is number one in World Trade, the largest export earner and employs millions

Tourism of India

As far as India is concerned, the glorious tradition and rich cultural heritage are closely linked with the development of Tourism. The wealth of Cultural Traditions extending over thosands of years, the natural sorroundings, the architectural master pieces, the music, dance, paintings, customs and languages -all these together make India a Tourist Paradise. Indian Tourism, both in bound and outbond has made great strides during recent years. Having been ranked among the top four preffered destination across the world India has witnessed a fast and steady increase in foreign tourists all these years.

Tourism of Kerala

For the world Tourists, Kerala is the most sought after destination, as this tiny state of India has the best of what a discriminating international tourist can hope for-in terms of natural diversities, social and cultural environment, physical quality of life and so on.

In 1986 the Government declared Tourism as an industry. Consequently, in the last 20 years, Private enterpreneurs have invested about Rs.30,000 crore in this industry and in 2006-07 the revenue from this sector was 9,800 crores. The industry provides employment to vast number of persons of which 99% is from the state itself. According to rough estimate, about 1000 hotel rooms are added to present inventry every year creating job opportunity for minimum 6,000 people additionally. This is over and above the normal requirement of professionally qualified and trained personnel. Unfortunately,not even 10% of this number is passing out from the approved instituions in the state. It is to fill this gap; Munnar Catering College was established by Thachankari Foundation, at the picturesque location at munnar with International facilities. The ultimate aim of the promoters is to develop this institution into a Deemed University exclusively for Hospitality Studies-the first of its kind in the country.